1. How do I remove water from inside the hull?

Scupper plugs around the kayak body for easy drainage if needed.


2. What is the maximum weight for a user?

Jellyfish hold a maximum capacity of 110.23 lb (50 kgs).
Candlelight Fish holds a maximum capacity of 385.8 lb (175 kgs).
Killer Whale and Walrus hold a maximum capacity of 396.83lb (180 kgs).
Whale holds a maximum capacity of 551 lb(250kgs).

3. How do I clean my kayak?

Wash with mild soap and water. You'd better not use harsh cleaners so as not to corrode the kayak.

4. How should I store my kayak?

Should be stored deck-side down. If you must store your kayak outside, we recommend you fasten the kayak with ropes or anything else to prevent the wind from overturning the kayak. And you should store it away from light, because the sun may fade the color of the kayak. If it is not possible to avoid exposure of your kayak to the sun, you should suspend a tarp above the kayak to protect it from ultraviolet light and leave sufficient space to allow for air circulation.

5. How do I pick the right paddle?

Each of our kayaks is equipped with a paddle. And our paddles are adjustable in length, so you can adjust them to the right length for you according to your height and the width of your kayak.
If you only want to buy the paddle, our store has paddles for sale. Read our Paddles for more information.


6. Where could I put the paddle in the kayak?

There are rod tie-down on the side of the kayak. When you want to rest, you can fix the paddle here.

7. Does every kayak have a pedal system?

Only Killer Whale is equipped with the pedal system. This pedal system is only for Killer Whale. If you only want to buy a pedal system, our store has a pedal system for sale. Read our pedal system for more information.

8. Does every kayak have a rudder system?

Candlelight Fish, Killer Whale, and Walrus are equipped with a rudder system. If you only want to buy our rudder system, our store has a rudder system for sale. Read our rudder system for more information. Tip: This rudder system is only for Candlelight Fish and Walrus.

9. Is the kayak easy to install?

Our kayaks are very easy to install. Each of our kayaks comes with detailed instructions. You can also download kayak instructions on our website. Read our kayak instructions for more information.

10. How can I transport my kayak?

There are carrying handles on the side of the kayak, bow, and stem. You can carry it by hand. Our store has a transport trolley cart for sale. Read our transport trolley cart for more information.

11. Can I stand on my kayak?

A wide and flat deck platform provides a large standing area.

12. Where can I go with my kayak?

Our fishing kayak is best for lakes, rivers, dams, estuaries, and harbors. These kayaks allow you to go where larger boats can't, such as kelp beds, reefs, mangrove shallows, and coastal cliffs.

13. How many people can Whale Kayak take?

Whale Kayak can take three people. Built-in third child seat position in the middle of the kayak between the two seats for adults. The kayak can accommodate two adults and one child for family time. The center seat can also be used when the kayak is being used by a single person *. (Please note that the padded seat for the child is not included in the price. It can be purchased at an additional cost.)

14. Can I fish with my kayak?

Our kayak is suitable for fishing and entertainment.

15. How long is the repair time?

We also provide a replacement parts package for each boat.

Warranty on the kayak hull: 3 years.
Warranty on kayak components: 12 months.


16. How often should a gun be cleaned?

When you fire ammo with your gun, ammunition leaves traces of carbon that will build up over time. The best way is to clean it with a bore brush after every use.

17. How much is a gun cleaner?

It usually costs $10 to $15 to clean a gun at the firearm store. But hunters often clean guns by themselves. And different gun cleaner has different price. Read our cleaning tool for more price information.