Where can I buy a gun cleaning kit in Toronto Canada

Where can I buy a gun cleaning kit in Toronto Canada

Our gun need to be cleaned frequently, and gun cleaning tool kit is essential.
Where to buy gun cleaning kit in Toronto Canada?
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Gun Cleaning Kit Canada Hooks and brushes:

  • 4 hooks
  • 1 bronze utility brush
  • 1 nylon utility brush



Gun cleaning hook

The gun cleaning hook is easy to clean the corrosives in the gun hole.

Bronze brush for gun hole

The Bronze brush of the gun hole can quickly polish the residues in the gun hole. Keep the hole smooth.

Nylon brush for gun hole

The nylon brush of gun hole can quickly clean the water and residue in the gun hole to ensure that the gun hole is not corroded.

Gun cleaning kit is a very practical gun cleaning tool, which is convenient for us to clean the gun quickly.

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