What should I bring on my first hunt?

There's nothing more exciting than having your first hunt. Making sure you are prepared is the key to making the day a complete success.

But getting started isn't always easy. Hunting is a commitment that takes time, interest, professional gear, and a lot of leg work. But it's worth it. That's why we've put together this step-by-step guide to help beginners master all the essential hunting gear of being a hunter.


Ultralight Hunting Gear List

  1. Hunting Clothing
  2. Camouflage Hunting Pack
  3. Hunting Tools
  4. Navigation for Hunting
  5. Wildlife Essentials
  6. Deer Hunting Checklist
  7. Hunting License

Hunting Clothing

  • Camouflaged Jacket and Pants

Weather poses a common but serious risk to hunters. So you’d better choose lightweight, warm fleece baselayers and windproof jackets. In addition, there will be creeks and rain, then waterproof jackets and pants are necessary. Choosing a camouflage pattern is more convenient for hunters to hide their tracks in the field and prevent deer from seeing them.

  • Boots

Deer hunting is laborious and the weather unpredictable. If you harvest a deer, you'll be carrying a heavy load. You'll need boots with excellent ankle support and waterproof liners.


Hunting Pack

Every hunter should have a reliable hunting bag. A hunting bag can help you stay organized in the field. The best hunting bags allow you to access the tools you use most often without having to unpack other items. Gun sling backpack attachment supports the weight of your rifle, which secures your rifle to your pack with quick-release straps while allowing easy and quick access without removing your pack. It also helps to improve hit rates by allowing the firearm to be better supported and stabilized during aiming.


Hunting Tools

  • Knife

A quality hunting knife is an essential tool for any hunter. Hunting knives come in many styles and sizes. When going deeper into the woods, most hunters choose to carry a fixed-blade hunting knife. This type of knife will provide you with maximum cutting power and can be helpful for self-defense on any occasion. A quality, everyday-carry knife for hunting is another wise investment.

  • Headlamp

The best headlamps for hunters are waterproof, lightweight, and also have adjustable beams that allow them to follow trails through the dark, but also have reduced power to save batteries. The main purpose of a headlamp for hunting is to give the hunter a hands-free light.

  • Binoculars

You will see the nuances of the wild environment, and how animals act when they don't know you are nearby, and you will be able to change your approach based on terrain and activity that is invisible to the naked eye. You can discover spot and game paths of friction you didn't know existed.


Navigation for Hunting

The outdoors has tremendous appeal and many people will get lost in the wilderness. Today hunting GPS devices have become an alternative to paper maps and compasses. While prices and features vary, GPS devices have helped make navigation outdoors relatively easy and accessible for many hunters.


Wildlife Essentials

A tent will be set up as a resident during hunting, due to the temperature difference between day and night, a waterproof, snow-proof tent is necessary. A warm, lightweight sleeping bag is also required. As with any other form of sport, hunting comes with certain risks and precautions. For this reason, not only is it recommended to carry a first aid kit, but it is almost a necessity. Whether hunting alone or with a group of people, it would be dangerous, and injuries and life-threatening illnesses need to be treated and remedied on the spot if quick and easy access to a medical facility is not possible.

Deer Hunting Checklist

  • Game Bag- When you finally got a deer, you need game bags for preventing flies and insects from your game. However, it is breathable and when hung correctly, the meat can cool.
  • Scent Control - Deers have a keener sense of smell than dogs. Masking your scent is critical to a successful hunt.
  • Deer towing/rope - can be used for temporary deer towing
  • Small tool set: Allen wrench set, screwdriver set, a small crescent wrench, and electrical tape

Hunting License

what do you need for a hunting license?

  • Personal identification (e.g., driver's license or state ID) Birth certificate, or guardian's ID if under 18 years of age.
  • GO ID (current customers - all of your licenses have a permanent CDFW number on them)
  • Acceptable forms of hunter education

Hunting is tough and you will suffer. The good news is that you get to choose what kind of suffering best suits your lifestyle and desires. That's why we've put together this checklist to help beginners to prepare all the essential hunting gear of being a hunter. And I hope this blog can help you become an excellent hunter.

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