What should every hunter carry for emergencies

1. Comms. When an accident occurs, how can we call for help? Common cellphones may not work in faraway mountains or forests. So we should consider a backup radio and even a charger in order to get contact if necessary. Flares or whistles are also important for us to draw attention when stuck.

2. Flashlights. Quick light applies to many occasions when hunting. Always keep a flashlight in your pocket, and maybe some backup batteries. Because battery life can be very uncertain in the field.

3. ID. If someone finds you being injured or incapacitated in the wilderness, they need to know where you came from, or even your name. It is not that complicated to keep an identification with you. Easily write information on the tag of your pocket or the label of your coat. It's also important to show a phone number for someone to contact in an emergency.

4. Defence. Of course, your hunting weapon can do the job, but there are still some situations that guns won’t cover. What if it malfunctioned and you needed further protection? Carrying a second weapon or maybe a small knife is necessary. Carrying a convenient sharp knife in hand, you will find it incredibly useful.

5. Fires. The fire here doesn’t mean bullets. It means matches and lighters or something like that.  If you were stranded, that would be a great option to start a fire for light, signal, warmth, or cooking. Hunters always carry a lighter, not only for smoking. Keeping several options for starting fires on your person is always a good idea, as long as they're safe and protected.

6. Cash. It's not easy to know when you'll need cash on a journey. You may be stranded, break down, or have any other range of unknown situations. Keeping cash hidden in your clothes or package just in case, you may find it useful.

7. Medicine. Most of us know the importance of a medicine kit, and may even carry one already. But do you know what all the stuff is in it? Small first aid kits often contain band-aids, alcohol wipes, antibiotics, and some bandage wrap. Pay attention to what is in your medicine kit. Make sure alcohol wipes and triple antibiotics haven't leaked or dried out. Supply your medicine kit with anything you might personally need for your hunting trip.

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