What is the most efficient fishing method?

What is the most efficient fishing method?

Fishing is as technical as trying to ask a girl out! When you are trying to get a girl’s attention, you are excited, nervous, and a little bit scared. The same goes for fishing, excitement, nervousness, and fear of not catching any fish. When moving on a girl, we must study what she likes and what gifts we should give. The same applies to fishing. You have to check what the fish like to eat, what bait to prepare, and how to choose a fishing spot before fishing. There are so many factors to consider, both fishing and asking a girl out when we fish and return empty-handed, just as rejected by a girl. The mood is at least very similar, so what is the most efficient fishing method?

Find out where are the fish

There are rules for finding fish in wild fishing.

They are finding fish by distinguishing the bubble. Different fish species will spit other bubbles. Big fish spit giant bubbles; small fish spit tiny bubbles. A more than 10mm diameter is a colossal bubble, which refers primarily to grass carp, so you should use the tools for fishing big fish. Tiny bubbles of about 5 mm are carp bubbles, so carp fishing should be a fine line and live bait. If it is a giant bubble with tiny bubbles, heaps of submerged turned up, or a slip away without looking back, this is the bubble spat by bighead carp; then we need to use the method of suspension bait fishing.

Observe the water splash to find the fish. There are two kinds of water splash: the splash of gentle fish and the splash of fierce fish. The splash of the delicate fish is mainly caused by the absorption of oxygen and food, which is expressed as a calm movement. Usually, the body will not be out of the water, such as bream, grass carp, and bighead carp. The splash of the fierce fish is caused by the chase of small fish, manifesting as an aggressive action, often out of the water, and even making a lot of noise, such as catfish, perch, etc.


Be flexible with the timing of your fishing trips.

After the autumn equinox, the sun shines directly on the southern hemisphere, and the northern hemisphere slowly gets colder. Thee autumn equinox roughly divides autumn into two stages. Before the autumn equinox, the temperature is relatively warm, and the fish feed a lot. It is not only the carp that are easy to catch but also other fish. From the weather point of view, choose a day after heavy rain or a cloudy day. Except for a rainy day, the fish near the water is still concentrated in the morning and evening. After the autumn equinox, the temperature gets low, the morning and evening become more relaxed, and the fishing time is around noon. The choice of weather is appropriate to choose a clear, cloudy day or before the winter tide, the first day of the cold wave.

Be flexible in your fishing methods.

There are more ways to fish for carp, and hand-rod fishing is naturally the most enjoyable. When the fish is not in shallow water, bench fishing is more suitable and accessible. After the autumn equinox is a good time for fishing, the fishing method must be flexible; long rods and a short line are more advantageous this time. A long rod and a short line are not only suitable for fishing grass carp but also suitable for fly fishing; the key is also to stand further away but fish closer to the fishing spot, which can significantly reduce the impact on the fish. In any case, the lower the temperature, the better the traditional fishing and the higher the chance of catching big carp.
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