What are the problems faced by fishermen?

What are the problems faced by fishermen?

In recent years, many urban rivers and reservoirs have been classified as key water control areas, so t fishing is prohibited. Fishing will damage the environment is the reason for being controlled. Many people will wonder why fishing can pollute the environment, which is supposed to be a form of amusement.

What are the problems faced by fishermen?

 1. Shortage of funds and insufficient investment

The shortage of funds has been a major factor limiting the development of recreational fisheries. The development of recreational fishing needs a lot of financial support. Insufficient funding is the key issue that restricts the construction of high standards and high-quality projects. For a long time, the government has invested less money in recreational fishing, and the construction of infrastructure is not adequate.

2. The qualities of fishermen

From a certain point of view, fishing does pollute the environment. Most anglers do not even think about environmental pollution when they fish in wild water and throw away fast food boxes, bait bags, and other trash. You will often see garbage all over the ground by the rivers where there are plenty of fishermen, especially some frequently gathered spots. In addition, the lead used by fishermen, and chemical bait additives will also cause some pollution to the water.

 3. Lack of unified management

The environmental pollution caused by angling cannot be ignored. During the peak fishing season, a large number of anglers flock to the area for various fishing activities and recreational activities, which aggravates the damage to the ecological environment. The environment is directly related to the quality of life of people and the image of the city. What is very incongruous with leisure and relaxation is that every day when the anglers leave with a full load, the environment of the fishing ground becomes dirty and messy, which not only affects people's mood but more importantly, the water quality and the survival of fish. Therefore, there is a great need for the authorities to strengthen the standard management of fishing areas.

In the face of pollution, to protect the environment, especially to protect some sources of drinking water, irrigation water reservoirs to introduce some corresponding policies is correct. Prohibition of fishing can not be clear-cut, set a reasonable ban on fishing; divide the special fishing area, which is not only easy to manage, but also to limit the number of people; provide environmental protection bait and fish catch limit program, catch the large one and release the small one. Take the right amount of access etc.

In this regard, strengthen government support and increase financial investment in fisheries; improve anglers' awareness of protecting the environment; adhere to the coordinated development of environmental protection and fisheries; improve management mechanisms and sound angling protection system.

Every fisherman should cherish their fishing environment, if they can not do so consciously, they should be punished accordingly, to make civilized fishing become a habit.

Finally, TOB appeals to all fishermen to fish within the permitted limits, to maintain good environmental hygiene, to dispose of their garbage, to consciously use environmentally friendly fishing gear, and to make fishing a civilized recreational activity.

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