Tips for cold weather hunting

Tips for cold weather hunting

We know that winter is a specific time for hunting, but there can be some extreme conditions as well. Expecting a better reward in the cold, we may take some advice before everything goes on.

Improve your skills. Shooting in thick coats is much harder, let along with gloves and face masks. We can practice shooting in full gear to adjust your technique to different conditions. While you are aiming outside, thermal heat pads can keep your fingers warm.

Proper clothing is necessary. You need to keep warm while waiting but still have enough space to control your gun and track your prey. Put on enough layers to keep warm when walking. You may sweat if you walk with a lot of clothes on that is the last thing you want to see. Be sure to get  good quality gloves. Flip-open fingertips woolens are the best choice. Warm footwear is also important, such as wool socks and waterproof boots.

Take enough supplies. In cold weather, you need more energy because your body is working harder to keep you warm. Take snacks like chocolate bars, nuts and other high-energy food. Also prepare yourself a hot drink in thermos.

Stay flexible. To keep your blood flowing fast in cold weather, you need to avoid motionless. Moving is better for you than staying. Slowly bend your joints and move up muscles to generate warmth and keep your brain focused. If you're bow hunting, stretching the bow every 30 minutes will keep both you and the bow limber.

Understand your limitations. We need to understand what our limitations are and give them the most respect. Pushing yourself beyond your body endurance or cold tolerance can lead to wrong judgment, even dangerous. Be sure about your limits and find strategies to deal with the cold, knowing when to head back to base.

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