How to clean the shotgun

How to clean the shotgun

At the beginning or end of the shooting season, a well-used shotgun usually needs a good cleaning. Although it is important to keep a clean shotgun after each shooting, thorough cleaning from time to time is essential for the efficient and accurate operation of the shotgun.

You can have a shooter professionally clean your gun for about five years £ However, you should do it yourself (especially ideally, your gun should be cleaned every time you use it!) Prepare a cleaning tool for yourself and follow the tips below to help you achieve the new cleaning effect.

What does it take to clean a shotgun?

You need tools and equipment to clean your shotgun properly and effectively. You must be able to remove any dirt, debris, dust, and anything else that might interfere with your shooting performance and the function of your gun. You need to:

  • Bronze wire brush
  • Cleaning rod
  • Cleaning patches, cloths, or paper towel
  • Toothbrush
  • Gun oil

Clean your shotgun or rifle

Before cleaning, always make sure that your shotgun is removed and that you have a safe working space. You also need to make sure your gun is dry and there is no condensation inside the barrel. Keep the choke insert in place to prevent dust and dust from entering the barrel threads. The cleaning process of the spray gun is as follows:

  1. Divide your shotgun into three parts. Take out the front end and separate the barrel from the raw material.
  2. Using a cleaning stick, push a patch or some tissue into each bucket (first the wooden end) to remove any major debris or residual moisture.
  3. Next, clean each bucket thoroughly with a wire brush and push with a cleaning stick to remove any powder residue. Then put another piece of detergent on the bucket again to make sure the excess residue has been removed.
  4. Apply a small amount of gun oil on the new cleaning patch or cloth, and push two barrels through, leaving a thin layer of oil in the barrel to avoid rust.
  5. Use an old toothbrush to clean the sides of the ribs between the buckets, where dirt often accumulates. Apply a small amount of gun oil on the cloth, because it will rust here, too. Gun oil can also be applied to extractors, knuckles, cross pins, and locking bolts, as these will experience considerable wear. Avoid using too much oil as this can cause problems

      You can now reassemble your gun, then gently wipe the entire outside of the gun with a soft cloth and a small amount of oil, remove any external dirt, and polish it.
      Put down your barrel to make sure that the remaining oil is used up instead of flowing to the barrel and barrel, etc. tob outdoors shop sell hunting gear, and the price is cheap.

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