How often should I clean the gun

This is a problem we often encounter in shooting ranges. I'm sure the officers in each range have different opinions.

First, we have to understand why we wash guns. Every time we fire a gun, the detonator in the cartridge ignites, creating a flame that ignites the powder. Just like log burning, the burning will leave a small amount of powder ash in the barrel, on the carriage or slide, and inside the gun body. When the bullet is pressed down by the expanding gas, a small amount of bullet metal is scraped to the inside of the barrel. Usually lead or copper. Repeated firing continues to add more bullet material to the barrel. If it is not cleaned up regularly, it will pile up and begin to affect accuracy and reliability. In addition, the ash left by gunpowder combustion will accumulate into black matter, which will block the moving parts and hinder their normal operation. It may also attract moisture, causing rust and corrosion.

Ideally, we should fire the gun, but thoroughly clean it after each shot to eliminate this caking of "crud.". Once the gun is clean, we apply a very small amount of light gun oil or lubricant to any surface, such as the track between the semi-automatic pistol frame and the slide rail, and the "hinge" between the revolver barrel and the frame. The inside of the barrel ("Bore") can also be scrubbed with a very, very light coat of gun oil to help prevent rust. If you leave too much lubricating oil on the gun, the next time you fire, you may be surrounded by a layer of oil mist, which should be a sign of using less lubricating oil and wiping away excess oil before shooting.

Guns are not cheap, and like any other mechanical equipment, if they are cleaned and lubricated regularly, they will work better and have a longer service life.

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