How do you land fish from a pier?

How do you land fish from a pier?

Fishing from the pier is an excellent, safe, and often beneficial way to go fishing at sea. Pier fishing is a great activity to get some fun out of a slow day. You can chill out, enjoy the fun, and enjoy the sparkling waters and amazing catches that nature offers. But how exactly do you catch a large amount from the pier?


The first step is to pick a good pier.

Fishing piers of many different shapes and sizes, but the one thing in common is that they all attract fish. Deeper waters usually inhabit larger fish. Often, based on the structure where your dock is located, fish may choose to congregate closer to shore. Look for steep slopes, rock features, or any other underwater structures. This is where fish often come to hide or feed.

But that's by no means all. Sometimes, when predatory fish hunt, they will surface higher to chase their prey. You probably can't see them, but there's a friend who can - birds. Birds are your innate fish finders. If you see them looping over a particular spot, it's time to use that reel.


With the Ideal pier fishing lure, you might think that buying the most expensive stuff you can find will provide you with the best results.

In reality, as mentioned above, you need to know the environment below the piers. Once you know what critters are found on the pier, you can get bait that is similar to the bait found on the dock. This will be ideal because fish will respond to bait similar to what they regularly consume. Fortunately, most docks have their bait and tackle stores. After becoming familiar with the dock environment, they offer lures found naturally around the dock such as shrimp, squid, anchovies, sardines, and bloodworms, just to mention a few. The key thing to remember is that bait and tackle stores located near docks are sure to have insider tips on the types of bait that other customers are having success with.


Pier fishing is interesting, but some preparation needs to be done.

Such as you need a fishing license even if most of the public dock allows you to fish without a license but not all. You need to pay the entrance fee or fishing fee, sometimes both. There are some gear restrictions that some docks allow only a limited number of rods like two in most cases.

What gears are required for pier fishing?

  • Light range fishing rods - You can catch small to medium-sized fish depending on where you are.
  • tackle box- a variety of tackle boxes is available so small enough to carry in your hand, while another tackle box is large enough that you can roll them.
  • Bait and lures - To find out what type of bait you need, you should check the docks you are touring to see what fish are available in the area. You should also review the migratory habits of the local fish.
  • Hooks - you will never know when they will break.
  • An additional fishing line - sometimes fish are stronger than respect and can break the line.
  • A fish bucket with ice - this is to help keep your catch fresh while you stay on the dock.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and wind gear - there's no denying that fishing in any type of environment can take hours. The sun and heat will be hitting you as you cast your rod and wait for the fish to bite, so you must protect your skin and eyes.


The best part is that every fishing pier is unique, which means you can spend a whole lifetime discovering what each one has to offer. Even if you fish until the end of the day, you'll learn something new every time. Whatever you choose, we hope these pier fishing tips will help point you down the right path.
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