Beginner basic pistol shooting skills

Beginner basic pistol shooting skills

The wiggle shot is the common sense shooting, which is used by the majority of shooters in training competitions. If the knowledge of the shaking shot is insufficient, it is difficult to reflect on its advantages and there will be a deviation in the application. Therefore, it is necessary to know common sense again and find discoveries and improve it.

Process of entering the aiming area

This is an important basis for producing a smooth shake. Remember that the coach stressed the importance of this link in a team meeting, and he stressed that entering the target area should be stable, slow, and consistent. As far as pistols are concerned, the gun is supposed to have a force to maintain, which is balanced with the gravity of the arms and guns.

The upper and lower gun entry area is the adjustment of the shoulder and waist, which is the partial release of the force, to achieve balance in the aiming area. We can understand this process as a process of transition from downward force to upward force (downward force - falling of gun arm;

Upward force - the force of the body to balance the downward gravity of the gun arm is upward. The more complex the conversion process, the greater the influence on the stability of the gun in the aiming area. The production of balance force is very important to the speed and position of gun transportation.

That is, only the smooth and slow gun transport, the slower the closer the target area, the upward gun holding force will gradually replace the downward gun conveying force, and the conversion is unconsciously completed in soft nature. The other effect of slowness is consistent. Through such practice, the regularity of shaking can be easily reflected in the aiming area.

Shooting process

It can be said that any point in the shaking surface is the shooting point. The problem is that the shaking surface is larger than the ten rings. It is undoubtedly the best time to strike in the center of the shaking surface, which is also the goal of many shooters' training. Many previous articles with centripetal force, centrifugal force, and trajectory probability can solve this problem effectively; What I want to stress is that the shots are done in motion.

The trajectory is controlled by the will and only with a full understanding of the dynamics can we practice the real sense of shaking in the shot. The martial arts practitioners often say: eye, heart, hand. Glasses receive information to the brain the fastest, with a joke Metaphor - the eye is shorter than the hand to the brain nerve length.

Glasses see, to the brain and then operate by the brain command hand, which is a normal physiological phenomenon, but practice shooting needs to be practiced into eye-hand synchronization, can eliminate the sight-time difference between the real master. During the process of shooting, the shaking is constant, and the buckle of the index finger should be continuous movement.

Only in two dynamic environments can we ensure that the hair is shot in the shaking zone. Often there is a shooter after demanding, the phenomenon of not buckling out. After all, my index finger stopped, and I didn't like to hear it - I live!

The index finger stops, the strength maintains, and the aim situation that manifests is useless to the shooting! We should fully understand this point, and the true sense of maintaining strength, shaking, and persisting in the buckle is the real sense of maintenance. Only the shaking formed by the necessary force of the buckle machine is the real shaking.

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